About Us

Meet The Team

Here are just a few of the faces behind Komodo Fireworks... Many of our display team have been with us since day one and all of our team are committed to providing you with a professional and friendly service:

Managing Director Rob Sosbe

Rob - Company MD

Nickname –Neo

Rob sees the world in fireworks and has gunpowder in his veins! “My love for fireworks started as a small boy when I saw the most amazing display in Italy while on holiday with my parents when I was 8 years old. Watching the giant spheres of colour in the sky and the inspiring display I was instantly hooked on fireworks, a passion that has burnt in my veins ever since.” Rob is our lead show designer and the boss... or is that Lexy....!!?? 

Company Diretor - Alex Sosbe

Lexy - Company Director

Nickname –Little One!

Behind every good man is an even better woman & Lexy, Rob’s other half loves blowing things up just as much as all of the boys on crew! Lexy is also responsible for our team liaison and logistics management in the office, keeping things running smoothly!  It’s rumoured that Lexy has a thing for cardboard boxes... She was nearly thrown in the skip last year in Monaco when at 3:00 am someone decided to have a little sleep in the pile of empty cardboard crates during the de-rig... We just think she has never grown up from her childhood, when the box was always more interesting than the gift!

Stores Manager - Andie

Andie - Office Angel and Stores Manager

Nickname – Da Mamma!

Andie is mad keen on fireworks and has a real eye for detail when dealing with the technical side of our digital displays. As our display store manager, she is responsible for bringing our display designs together and with a team of technicians Andie makes sure all of the fusing and preparations are spot on before transport to the display.  In addition to her duties at our stores, Andie also looks after our accounts and is our pyromusical barometer for Rob’s pyromusical designs... When Andie cries during the display, Rob knows he has got the fireworks and emotional mix of the show just right!

Display Manager - Jon

Jon - Display manager & Craftsman

Nickname – Not Da Mamma!

As a past Jenga master Jon can pack a van like no other, fitting the largest pile of display hardware in to the smallest of spaces! Often found saving “good wood” from the bonfire or skip Jon’s wombling and carpentry skills are legendary, creating all sorts of kit out of nothing.... Jon is a very handy man to have on your team and is a great problem solver and display manager.   


Arthur - Display manager & Craftsman

Nickname -Pa

Arthur, Rob’s dad provides the brains and technical know-how behind some of the unique equipment that allows Rob to pull off the spectacular effects you can see in our Komodo shows – including but not limited to horizontal firing towers with spinning peacocks, single shot bridges,  giant wheels and hedgehogs. Arthur is a master at welding, fabrications and loves blowing things up too!

Display Manager - Steve Williams

Steve - Display Manager

Nickname – 9 Toes

Steve comes from an audio background and has an intimate knowledge of PA systems. Years of experience as a musician and sound tech means he is a useful person on site with detailed knowledge of both the technical and choreographical features of a pyromusical. He provides an expert eye on site to ensure the quality of the sound that accompanies our displays and it doesn’t hurt either that he has his own van and access to some awesome audio equipment!


Charlie - Display Manager

Nickname – The Phantom

Charlie is our legal eagle, casting an educated eye over all of our paperwork and providing invaluable feedback on all aspects of the law. He is also one of our up and coming display managers, having a keen interest in the technical side of our pyromusicals and digital firing equipment. Charlie is always first on clean up duties and is best buddies with William T Goat - our industrial cleaning machine.